Monterey Bay Weekly The Sai Whatt Band,......Once again this band, Unbelievable. Closed out the Presidents Stage on Saturday night with one of the largest late night crowds I've seen at Monterey. With a mix of Smooth Jazz, Blues and R&B, they whipped the crowed into a frenzy. The crowd would not let them leave the stage, M.C. and radio personality,  Robin Winfield, had to call them back twice. 

California Blues Magazine, Ron Epstine Jr.  I've heard of the southern California based Sai Whatt Band, but had never seen them. I overheard several groups of people talking about them and walking towards the Presidents Stage at Monterey Fairgrounds, so I thought I'd take a look and see what it was all about. The band did something I had never seen or heard a band do at a Blues Festival. They opened with the Jazz tune.."Maputo". To my surprise the crowd went wild with applause only to have the band go into "The Blues is Alright". and Alright it was, The band played for more than a hour to a dancing, singing and screaming crowd. What a way to end a night after a day filled with great music. I even found myself dancing.      

Some of the Special Guest and Friends, that  happen        
to stop by and "hang out" with us.

Anita Baker, The Temptations, Barbara Morrison, Lakeside
Side Effect, Ali "Ollie" Woodson, "Gold Medalist" boxer Henry Tillman, Jewel Akens, Peggy Scott-Adams, Linda Hopkins Actor/writer/Director Vondee Curtis Hall, George Daniels,  Comedians Micheal Colyur and Reynaldo Rey, Former Lakers Norm Nixon, Mike McGee, Larry Spriggs, and Corey Blunt, Rev. Al Sharpton, Stevie Wonder, Vivica A Fox, Billy Paul, Johnnie Gill, Publisher/Editor Jamie Foster-Brown, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Cuba Gooding, L.A. Councilman Bernard Park and wife Bobbie. The "Young" Mighty Clouds of Joy, Richard Roundtree, and Former Laker, James Worthy, Gina Eckstine, Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner and His Ohio Players,
Actor, Writer, Producer Glynn Turman. T.V. Celebrity, Judge Maybeline, Regina & George Daniels,  Dawn Lewis, Richard Lawson, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Richard Gant, Loretta Devine 
Director/Actor, Ted Lange, Actor, Dorian Wilson,  K-Ci & JoJo, RnB Group, H-Town,  NBA Star, Gary Payton,  Actor, Writer and Producer, Clifton Powel, CBS 2 Sports Anchor and Commentator, Jim Hill, ABC News Michelle Tuzi and Mark Brown, Former Laker, Michael Cooper. Mikki Howard, Macy Gray, Robert Gossit, of  TV's (Major Crimes)  Keith Washington, Attorney Carl Douglass,  and More...... 
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